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Laos is arguably the spectacular country in Southeast Asia. With nearly three-quarters of the country covered in mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls, this landlocked country greatly rewards those who venture off the trodden path. The cultural diversity in Laos is fascinating, with over 200 ethnic groups constituting the country’s population of six million. Most Lao people live in rural areas, working in agriculture such as growing rice and other crops to export. The government anticipates that by 2025 hydropower will become the country’s largest source of revenue.

Our local team has a wealth of experience managing student travel programs across Laos, achieving consistently high client satisfaction. 


Laos is a country  located in south East Asia, Sharing border with 5 countries, China to the north, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, Thailand to the west and Burma to the northwest, Laos is Landlocked country most covered by high mountains.


There are 7 millions people living spread out in small villages all around the country with 3 main groups   Lao 63%, Khmu 24%,Hmong 13%.



about elephant conservation at a rehabilitation sanctuary working to protect Asian elephants in the country once known as The Land of a Million Elephants


Trek, kayak, swim, rock climb and zip-line through Laos’ spectacular limestone mountain terrain.


Immerse themselves in Laos’ many cultures and learn about buddhism through visits to caves, temples and family homes.


Luang Prabang, a UNESCO world heritage town that’s a gateway to northern Laos

Experience Hospitrality

warm hospitality while living with local families in homestays in remote villages.


community development projects and learn from the local people.




Khamla was born in a rural village of Sayaboury province. After finishing high school, he had the opportunity to study economics at university in Luang Prabang. Once his degree was completed, he worked with a high school travel company for 12 years before establishing his own company that specialises in educational and adventure travel. Khamla manages Experiential Pathways programs and coordinates our community service projects. In 2019, he began collaborating with the local government to develop Saysathan district into an attractive tourist destination, and he continues to develop partnerships across Laos.

Operations Manager


Somjai was born in Sayaboury province before moving to Luang Prabang in 2002 for education and work. In 2008 he started work in the tourism industry as a travel agent, then began managing student groups and community service projects in 2018. He lives in Luang Prabang with his wife and two daughters.

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