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Morocco has been described as a tree that has its roots deeply planted in Africa while its branches lay majestically in Europe. You see that in the colors of its Souqs, the intricacy of its Islamic architecture, and the diversity of its carpets as you travel through the regions. You hear it in the drums of Gnawa music, the steps of the Amazigh choreography, and the languages spoken in its plazas. You taste and smell its savory-sweet dishes that traveled from Andalusia, in the corner spice shop run by a storyteller, or in a sizzling Tajin made by an Atlantic surfer. Morocco will amaze all your travellers’ senses!

Experiential Pathways takes pride in the ability of its Moroccan team to create balanced programs that allow students to have a lot of fun, learn, and grow. Our portfolio of programs offers education outside the classroom to achieve learning goals that we develop in partnership with our clients.

Our local team has decades of experience managing student travel programs across Morocco, achieving consistently high net promoter scores for our clients. Please contact us at to discuss partnership opportunities in Morocco.



Open their minds and change their perception of North Africa and Islamic countries, creating greater global awareness and understanding


Morocco is a safe, welcoming country to travel through; a great adventure awaits!


Connect with some of the friendliest and most accepting people in the world, building cultural bridges that lead to deeper understandings of self and others


Learn and leave speaking some Draija, the dialect of Arabic spoken in Morocco.


Enjoy some of the best food on Earth - cooked by locals using secret family recipes that have been handed down through generations




Chaima is local to Marrakech has a degree in finance and fluently speaks four languages. She is an exceptional ambassador for her country with a wealth of local knowledge, which permeates through the experiences that Inbound students receive in Morocco. Chaima is highly respected and greatly valued by our clients and members.

Program Leader


Samiae graduated from Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur in Marrakech with a degree in engineering. She is from the beautiful red city of Marrakesh. She speaks English, French, and Arabic, and she is a whiz programmer. Samiae's hobbies include basketball and hiking. Samiae has been leading student travel programs all over Morocco since 2015, which has made her one of the most experienced program leaders in our Morocco team. Samiae is a true professional who is exceptional at managing logistics while facilitating powerful learning experiences for students.

Program Leader


Youssef Ben Moula was born and raised in Tinghir. He has two bachelor degrees; one in English Studies, and the other in TEFL and Applied Linguistics. Youssef has started working as a program leader in February 2018 after intensive experience with American and international students for the non-profit organization Morocco Exchange. The latter brings American and international students to Morocco to learn about the Moroccan culture while traveling all over the country. In addition, he has always been involved with several Moroccan associations and organizations that aim to promote education, democracy, and Amazigh cultural rights. Youssef is a responsible, energetic, and very organized program leader. He is keen at maintaining excellent group dynamics in every trip he leads, and students build a great rapport with him.

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