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A trekker’s paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan vistas, golden temples, charming villages and exotic wildlife to offer one of the world's greatest travel destinations. With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, landlocked Nepal was closed to the outside world until the 1950s. Flanked by China and India, it is home to eight of the world's highest mountains, including Mount Everest  towering above populated valleys and forested plains. Somewhere in the Kapilavastu district, there is a place called Lumbini; birthplace to Siddhartha Gautama, more widely known as Buddha. And legend has it that the Yeti (Abominable Snowman) lives deep in the mountains. Nepal is an inspiring destination that fuses natural beauty, spirituality and adventure.

Over the last 12 years, we have developed extensive travel programs that educate and empower students. Nepal faces many challenges as a country, including ongoing restoration after a devastating earthquake in April 2015 killed thousands of people, flattened villages and reduced numerous heritage sites to ruin. Community service is a core focus of our operations and our students support education projects, drinking water projects, charities, earthquake relief rebuilding, aged care facilities, environmental conservation projects, and NGOs that fight human trafficking. Programs range in length from 5-30 days and typically combine service projects with adventure activities such as trekking in Himalayas, white water rafting, ziplining, camping, bungee jumping, paragliding and visits to cultural and historic sites of Kathmandu.

Our local team has a wealth of experience managing student travel programs across Nepal, achieving consistently high net promoter scores for our clients. 



new infrastructure for schools and homes that were affected by the 2-15 earthquake, working  alongside community members.


with NGOs, community leaders, teachers, doctors and entrepreneurs to gain deeper understandings of Nepal and its people


on the white water rivers of Nepal, which is paradise for the river rafting guides throughout the world.


through the hustle and bustle of cities to the majestic views of snow capped Himalayas from jungles of Chitwan to the birth place of Buddha.


about the Hindu, Buddhist and mountain cultures of Nepal local staff.


the home of eight highest Himalayan peaks of the world,

Himalayas, rivers, villages, communities and UNESCO world heritage sites of Nepal.


with local people (Nepal is home for more than 1300 ethnic groups!) through service projects and cross-cultural immersion in remote Nepali villages.


ongoing community service projects that educate students while making positive contributions to local communities.




Sudarshan completed his Post Grad in Hospitality and Tourism management. He worked in a production house as location manager and manager for an inbound luxury travel operator in India. With an education degree from JNV university from Jodhpur, Sudarshan passion for outdoor education and providing hands on experience inspires him to provide innovative programs for students in India and Nepal. Sudarshan loves to play cricket and listen to country music.

Community Impact Manager


Divya after completing her Masters in Tourism Marketing she worked extensively with Thomas Cook in Conference and Event Management Industry in India. She has led programs in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Nepal and Fiji. With a passion to work with the community and youth, she has been an integral part in designing and executing service projects in India and Nepal. Her cooking skills and bubbly nature makes her extremely popular among students.

Program Leader - South Asia


A native from Nepal, Shiva hails from Rayale, a village just outside on the eastern part around 40km from Kathmandu. He speaks Nepali, Hindi and English, and has been working in tourism and hospitality for more than 15 years. Shiva is a master chef and also loves reading and writing in his free time. He lives with his parents, wife and a baby daughter in Rayale.  Shiva loves to socialize with people and holds the mindset that you are always learning, and can learn a lot from other people, regardless of their background. He has been working with Inbound since 2017, believes in giving back to something good to society to make a better life for the next generation.

Program Leader - South Asia


Vinod Kumar has a work experience of 15 years where in the main role he has played is that of an Outdoor Educator using the concepts & various methods of experiential learning. He has worked with various schools across the country & internationally. He has considerable experience working with adults from various corporates. His work experience is feathered with working alongside seasoned veterans from the industry which has chiselled him making him stand a part. He has enhanced himself with courses in mountaineering first aid. He has worked as a Guest Instructor in Mountaineering for 2 yrs at DMAS, Manali Guest Instructor in Skiing at NIM,Uttarkashi. He started working with Inbound in 2016 and has led programs in Nepal, India, the Balkans, Lao and Thailand. We call him bigfoot "Yeti" as he is never tired and full of energy, students like him for outdoor activities and knowledge about India and Nepal.

Program Leader - South Asia


Hi! My name is Hemant Kumar Shahi (Manu). I was born and brought up in Dharamshala, the second home of H.H Dalai Lama in India. It is situated in the lap of Dhauladhar range. I completed my bachelors degree in geography in 1992, which nurtures my interest in outdoor activity and brought me closer to nature. With an enthusiasm to know the vast mountains and wilderness regions in Nepal, I started to explore by myself. In 1993 I completed my basic and advanced courses in mountaineering, then the following year I got a certificate in basic water sports. Since then I have never looked back and explored different parts of Northern India. I have a keen interest in flora and fauna, especially medicinal and herbal plants which I love to share with everybody. In the year 1996 I chose mountaineering as a full time profession, leading many groups and individuals to various routes and rustic villages in the Himalayas. I’ve been a member of the Inbound family since 2005 and believe every moment we can learn something new. I lead students into the Himalayas on cultural immersion, service and adventure programs in India and Nepal.

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