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Most known for being home of the lost city of the Incas, Peru is much more than just Machu Picchu. One of the most diverse countries on earth, Peru’s rich culture, cuisine and geography guarantee the perfect experience for any type of traveler. Dry coastal deserts, high Andean glaciers and lush Amazon jungle are separated by hundreds of distinct micro-climates each with communities and cultures uniquely adapted to thrive. Each region has its own typical foods, vibrant dress and boisterous customs. There are more than 70 languages spoken in Peru, each carrying the knowledge and traditions of their pre-colonial roots.  

Peru’s aggressive terrain and complex history provide the ideal setting for programs focused on cultural exchange, heart-pounding adventure and impactful community service. Our programs take advantage of lifelong community relationships based on trust and inclusivity, and focus sustainability, equity, and mutual gain. Rural communities nestled deep in the Andean mountains welcome students to learn about their history and culture while working alongside locals to improve essential infrastructure. We customize programs to have the perfect balance between service and adventure, ensuring that travelers can marvel at the beauty of Peru while having the opportunity to live its reality.     

Our local team has decades of experience managing student travel programs across Peru, achieving  consistently high client satisfaction. 



Gaze at the bight night sky from the warmth of your sleeping bag


Join small communities and organizations as they work to provide clean drinking water and equal access to education to all of their youth


Marvel and the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World


Trek past glaciated peaks and through remote mountain villages as you push your physical limits. End your days soaking sore muscles in natural hot springs


Learn from ancient cultures and understand the challenges of post-colonial Peru


Enjoy the flavors and smells of world-renowned Peruvian delicacies. From the fresh bread from the oven in your host-family’s home to the international fusion restaurants of Cusco and Lima, everything you eat in Peru will be your new favorite food




Aaron grew up in Cusco, Peru, the historic capital of the Incan Empire. He graduated with a degree in Tourism from Cusco’s public university and quickly pursued a career following his passion through various sectors of the tourism industry.  With over 12 years of experience in tourism and 8 dedicated exclusively to student travel, Aaron leads with an understanding of the standards required for safe and impactful travel in his country.

Operations Director


Alex has lived and worked in the rural communities of the region for over a decade. A graduate of Brandeis University in Massachusetts, Alex has dedicated his career to developing sustainable tourism and community development programs. As operations director, Alex works closely with all of the local communities to make sure that our programs teach travellers the important lessons of global citizenship while being fun, informative, impactful, sustainable and rewarding.

Program Manager


Raul is a lover of nature and practiced birdwatcher. He often says how he has found the perfect job, blending his adventurous spirit as a whitewater rafting and mountain bike guide, with his love for his community and the mountains where he was raised, leading community service expeditions around his home town of Ollantaytambo. Raul studied tourism and is a certified guide by the Instituto Americana del Cusco.

Program Manager


Porfirio (Porfi) was born in the Inkan town of Ollantaytambo, to Quechua parents. From a young age Porfi worked as a porter on the famous Inca Trail. His love for adventure was sparked in his late teens when he had the opportunity to work on expeditions with National Geographic and the BBC. He specialized in history and Quechua language at the Andean University of Cusco. Porfi has always loved running in the mountains and still competes regularly in ultra marathons through the high Andes mountains.

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