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Vietnam is a charming country to travel, known for its stunning landscapes, cultural complexities, energetic metropolis and quaint hill-tribe villages. A modern, conventional nation, Vietnam harmonizes urban cultures with traditional values. Dynamic streets life, delicious food and epic scenery await you here.


Life-changing experiences are everywhere in Vietnam. There's the glorious: looking over a dreamlike seascape of limestone islands from the deck of a traditional junk boat in HaLong Bay. The foody: Sample the freshest and most delicate delicacies in Hanoi’s Old Quarter & French Quarter. The eloquent: exploring the world's most staggering cavern systems in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The humorous: watching a motorbike stacked with blaring pigs weave an unbalanced path along a countryside road. Most importantly, the scrutinizing: hearing heartening stories from war veterans, ethnic minorities and to witnessing them in real life.


Vietnam is an exceptional blend of cultures, languages, and histories. Over the last 10 years, Experiential Pathways has partnered with communities and development associations on a local level across Vietnam to assist our students achieve a significant comprehension and gratefulness for the astounding stories of this enchanting Southeast Asian country. Students leave Vietnam after having life-changing experiences, returning home with changed points of view and the urge to contribute in positive and impactful manners to their own communities.


Our local team has decades of experience managing student travel programs across VIETNAM achieving  consistently high net promoter scores for our clients. Please contact us @ to discuss the program in VIETNAM.


Immerse in the astonishing natural beauty, rich culture and history, of charismatic mega-cities and ethnic minorities communities.


Meander the action-packed and vibrant streets of Vietnam, tasting delicious delicacies on every intersection.


Journey through breathtaking and picturesque landscapes that are recognized as UNESCO World Heritages such as Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh ancient capital City, Hoi An ancient town and Phong Nha Ke Bang caverns system.


Work and learn from local NGOs, NPOs and local communities across the countries to devote to lasting impact service initiatives.


Inspire by heartening stories from wars witnesses, veterans, indigenous people, local NGOs and ethnic minorities and transform them into positive and impactful actions.


Experience the timeless charm of Vietnam with sensory overload, thrills and chills on every corner.




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Elephants and Vietnam Central Highlands Adventure!

08 Days

  • Learn about Vietnamese Culture

  • Immerse in Coffee Capital of Vietnam

  • Learn about Elephants and their rehabilitation

  • Visit Lak Lake and Dray Sap Waterfall

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Marvelous Vietnam

14 Days

  • Learn about Hanoi City Culture

  • Immerse in Culinary Adventure

  • Visit Halong Bay

  • Experience HUE Ancient Capital City

  • Explore My Son Holy Land

  • Relax and Nha Trang Beach and Bay

  • Visit Ho Chi Minh City

  • Boat through Mekong Delta


Introduction to Community Service and Adventure

09 Days

  • Learn about Hanoi City Culture

  • Immerse in Culinary Adventure

  • Trek Thourgh Ngoc Son-Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

  • Service with Locals

  • Explore Halong Bay

  • Kayak through Caves